Catalogue / FLORA

The catalogue

Our comprehensive catalogue comprises more than 1000 pages. Illustrated with more than 3500 photos it gives you a survey of our assortment and its prices.

It is divided into following topics: Deciduous plants and broadleaved evergreens, rhododendrons and azaleas, roses, conifers, topiaries, transplants, fruit trees and berry fruit, perennials together with ornamental grass, ferns and water plants.

Each plant shown contains a reference to its winter-hardiness-zone, based on the plan of Heinze and Schreiber. Adequate cards and the commentary will help you with your planning.

Our latest catalogue 2015 is available in German, French, Dutch, English and Russian for a nominal charge of 18,- € plus VAT and postage.

Dendrological FLORA photo-atlas

The basic version of our photo-atlas (1st and 2nd supplement included) comprises 161 plants species from Acer up to Zelkova in the format 30 x 21 cm.

The reverse side shows a  detailed description of  the plants in German, English, French and Dutch.

Versions in Czech and Russian are at your disposal and are available on demand.

Among the optimate pH-value each plant is assigned to its winter-hardiness-zone, based on the plans of Heinze and Schreiber. Here you can have a look at a FLORA-page.

The photos are compiled in a handy ring-binder, that facilitates (enables) a detailed and professional informative presentation of individual selected plants at customer's.

51,– EURO plus VAT and postage

Supplements of the Dendrological photo-atlas FLORA

We are constantly looking for new, interesting, and significant photos, which we then offer to you as a new supplement - we hope to keep steadily supporting your planning in this way. Each supplement is arranged with a keen sense of the essential, so that you get a very unique selection.

Each supplement comprises 18 new photos in the format 30 x 21 cm.

Price: 12,50 EURO plus VAT and postage.

The supplements no 3-10 are at your disposal.

FLORA-DVD Version 1.1

Our established and proven dendrological photo-atlas FLORA is now also released as a DVD-version. It is completely equipped with images and descriptions in 5 languages, easy and quickly to use – even on site. Bring the requested plant on screen!

Version 1.1 includes 415 photos.

35,– EURO plus pstage and VAT